Miami-based Scrapblog LLC and MultiChannel Ventures of Universal Studios Join “It’s Our Net” Coalition

Washington, D.C. – June 21, 2006 – Two small Florida-based Internet companies today announced their support for the It’s Our Net Coalition, a broad alliance of consumers, grassroots groups and businesses working together to support net neutrality and preserve the Internet’s fundamental principle of treating all Internet traffic equally.

“Scrapblog is accessible to everyone with an Internet connection and Net Neutrality is imperative for services like Scrapblog to flourish,” said CEO Carlos Garcia. “Scrapblog enhances the online photo-sharing experience in a unique way by combining the storytelling aspect of scrapbooks and the sharing power of blogs. I cannot imagine developing an online service like Scrapblog in an environment where telcos determine which sites consumers get to experience.”

The It’s Our Net Coalition, which includes, eBay, Google, IAC/InterActiveCorp, Microsoft and Yahoo!, is fighting efforts by broadband providers — large telecom and cable companies – who want the ability to strike deals with Internet content providers to favor their Internet traffic.

Media and technology entrepreneur Michael Gerrity, chairman of MultiChannel Ventures, said he opposes discrimination on the Internet and the preferential access that will take place if the cable and telephone companies succeed in defeating Net Neutrality.

“MultiChannel Ventures supports It’s Our Net because we believe that net neutrality allows for competition on the Internet among all size companies,” said Gerrity. “Currently, content placed on the Internet by individuals or companies is treated equally in terms of delivery. Content providers who already pay should not have to worry that their content will be blocked or charged a premium price for delivery. Smaller startups would never last in a world where they had to pay-to-play.”

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