Today we will try to understand the real ramifications of net neutrality for the SEO agency like Digital Sith.

To make it easier to understand, we have to explain what net neutrality is.

Basically, net neutrality is that you can essentially get access to the whole web through your provider (ISPs) without them trying to regulate it.

To make it simple, if for example you want to have access to Google and Instagram then you have to pay $10 a month to your ISP. However if you want to get access to more website (like twitter) you have to pay more, $50 a month. And if you want to get all websites the price will go up.

Net Neutrality deals with ISPs showing preference to content based on types of content and who owns the content.

What is the impact for Search Engine Optimization ?

If we don’t preserve an open, free and competitive Internet the SEO game will be rigged. If you have money and influence over the ISPs you will have a huge advantage.

The internet without Net neutrality isn’t really the internet and SEO wouldn’t be fair with less competition, less players and an inherent advantage for big, established and rich companies.